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Toddlingtogs Kickstarter Embraces Circular Economy

Toddlingtogs Kickstarter Embraces Circular Economy

Our Crowdfunder

Our kickstarter crowdfunding campaign is ready for launch. It has been a lot more work than we had bargained for to be honest.  Over the last few months, our busy little house has lived and breathed this kickstarter campaign. Our girls have really enjoyed this journey so far . We have loved the process of making our first video ,(brilliantly put together by Mark Ward).  The children have also drawn some superb artwork for our animation – “A little story about your clothes”.

Excitingly, we are launching our first crowdfunder.  It will showcase our new sustainable garments , from refashioned joggers to cute little remade dresses, refashioned out of linen shirts. A must for your eco concious parents and their little trend setters this summer !

Waste isn’t waste until we waste it

After making some uncomfortable discoveries about the wastage created in the industry. I felt really inspired to make some changes within our brand.  I was shocked by a feature written  by the Ellen Macarthur foundation that reported on how a bin lorry of textiles is making its way into landfill every second of every day ! These discoveries inspired me to design our new range of garments. We cleverly design and make our sustainable clothes by carefully dismantling existing garments (that would otherwise end up in one of many landfill sites around the world), and remaking them into new and beautiful clothes.

Bubble London

We can’t wait to once again be hitting the road this summer.  Toddlingtogs will be going to Bubble London kids fashion trade show . At Bubble we will be showcasing our eco kidswear as an emerging brand . A successful crowdfunding campaign will mean that we get to build a community of like minds around our brand and that we can begin production of our new range . If you would like to support our campaign please do so on kickstarter and we would love it if you can share on social media and with friends and family .

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