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Kids Fashion On The Road

Kids Fashion On The Road


Hi, I am Estelle, the dreamer and founder of Toddlingtogs kids fashion brand and welcome to my blog.

Let me begin by setting the scene. I can remember standing in the car park admiring our newly purchased Mercedes van. This 7 metre beast was going to be mine and Alex’s new home! At this point I couldn’t even imagine adventures that lay ahead. This is how we began our love affair with wagons, trailers and anything cool with wheels.

Kids Fashion On The Road

mountain villageAfter several years living in our van we wanted to go travelling so we set off on an adventure. We had heard stories of people living off grid in the Spanish mountains so we headed to Catalunya. We loved the peaceful off grid life in the mountains and the magic in our lives continued when on a beautiful day in march 2008 our first daughter Arwen was born. As our new little person grew, so did my love of kids fashion. We were trying to live a more eco conscious life and not wanting to further contribute to the fast fashion industry. After our daughter was born, I decided I to have a go at making some funky kids clothes and this is really how the idea for Toddlingtogs began.

In time we returned to the UK to be closer to family and friends. I enlisted the help of my long suffering mother in law Jeanette! The problem now was that I had so many ideas but I didn’t really know how to sew. I started off by making little tracksuits from fleece fabric and as people became interested in them Toddlingtogs started to grow. In 2012 our little family also grew from three to four and I now had another funky little person to dress. I have happy memories of hours spent at the sewing machine with my little baby lying in piles of fabric. Trying to juggle motherhood with my creative outbursts was tricky and It is something I have yet to master.


brightly coloured dungareesA Journey Of A Thousand Miles

A couple of years after the birth of Luna , we decided we needed a change. Alex and I longed to return to the little village in Catalunya that had previously stolen our hearts . As we prepared to journey to Spain I thought of Lao Tzu’s quote “a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”. In Our case it involved more like weeks of planning and days of packing ! Trying to fit a seemingly endless amount of clobber, kids and dogs into our estate car. This was a Jenga style operation. It was a long journey and at times arduous 🙂

We have now made this journey many times. Our most recent one being with two children, two dogs and of course a shop full of Toddlingtogs stock. Our journeys between the UK and Spain have become more frequent, so this year we needed to find a better way for our family and clothes shop to travel.

the trailer in the workshop

Barrel Top Shop

It’s been a dream of mine for a while now to combine our clothing business with our other passions. This summer we headed off on another exciting journey to collect our custom made barrel top shop. Our fabulous trailer was created by a very talented motorbike and sidecar enthusiast. Mick created a beautiful thing and in July we enjoyed showcasing our kids fashion brand at the Bristol Harbour Festival.

barrel top shop - kids fashion on the road!




The Future

In recent times I have become more conscious of the ecological impact of the fast fashion industry. This has led me to think more about the future path of Toddlingtogs.  I am proud of the home grown nature of our brand and this year we are making some improvements. We have just introduced our organic dresses, and will soon be launching our sustainable kids fashion range alongside our existing range. Toddlingtogs clothing will also be made using 100% recycled threads. I look forward to keeping you posted on our crazy life in the mountains and our progress with Toddlingtogs via this blog.  We would also like to give a shout out to Mark Ward at lovemymedia for helping us create our new website.


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